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1 PETER 2:25

"For you were like sheep going astray, but have now returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls."


We believe it is the duty (and privilege) of every believer to not just seek God, but seek God's word and truth. Don’t just hear the word of God ministered to you but let it stir something up in your heart and then study it. View it. Get to know it more. And, more importantly, check that the word given to you has been accurate and that the lesson and interpretation stands up against the Bible’s other teachings and, if necessary, compare it to the teachings of other pastors and teachers on the same subject. Is the scripture you’re studying kept in its original context and what is it saying to you? Do you believe you are receiving the truth or someone else’s version of what they want the truth to be?

We encourage you to visit many different sources of information on the word to be sure that you are not only receiving a clear message, but different views on the message, good or bad. If it is a bad message, or a false teacher or a church with bad theology and doctrine, you can still learn what others are being taught around you in the world and be better armed on how to then preach to others and make disciples as well as rebuke the bad information others have heard when you come across it during fellowship.

Also, fellowship is key in your walk with Christ. Its importance is even shown in scripture. (Hebrews 10:24-25) Don’t just cling to one church body as it can quickly become a cult-like setting where it’s like "your church against the others". Of course, it’s obviously best to have a home church, and strongly recommended. But make sure you are also finding the time to fellowship with other Christians and groups regularly so that you may grow collectively and edify each other and the body of Christ. Remember, church is not a building, setting or one particular group but rather the entire community of people who accept Christ’s gift of salvation and Christ’s teachings.

It's not about following a religion. It's about following Christ.


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